JoJo’s Grand Holiday Event Special

*some language throughout Hi you’ve reached Angela. Please leave a message after the –  BEEP.   12:17 p.m.  Angie, mi hija?? It’s your fuddy-duddy abuelita JoJo. Just calling to say, que pasa?   I’m feeling pretty good today. Took a couple of pain pills to assist that. I mean, I’m not runnin’ around on roller-skates or painting myContinue reading “JoJo’s Grand Holiday Event Special”

Tinder’s Tambourine Man

*some language throughout I had no idea what I was walking into.  Although, I did read her Tinder profile thirty-seven times so I wouldn’t say I was entirely unprepared with the information given. I knew her name was Indigo. She was a holistic nurse from Santa Fe both fifty times more cultured than I wasContinue reading “Tinder’s Tambourine Man”

The Purity Game

“Don’t move, Stacey. Smile. You’re purtier when you smile!”  You told me this a lot because I was your favourite Precious Moments doll; purer and more virtuous than the goddamn Virgin Mary. But ‘the Sin’ was rising itself from the dead, sitting in my throat like last night’s tequila. Like last year’s tequila. Like the last nineteenContinue reading “The Purity Game”